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Through the Looking Glass 2 - Apantomancy

Through the Looking Glass 2 - Apantomancy

September 23, 2019

Hello again fellow Spirit Nerds! We are back and this time we bring you our 2nd segment of "Through the Looking Glass" featuring APANTOMANCY... A form of divination that we have ALL likely used at some point or another without even realizing it!

So get ready for us to discuss what Apantomancy is, popular superstitions born out of the practice of Apantomancy & the supposed birth of an entire city out of the ancient practice of Apantomancy.

Allison will also break down for you the best methods of engage in the practice of Apantomancy with some sage Intuitive / Spiritual Development advice. Mostly the fact that you need to do your homework, always!

You also get to play fly-on-the-wall & listen in on our test-drive of Apantomancy where we will use our own examples of encountering this cool form of divination within DAYS of our initial written draft / show notes on this episode. Weird, huh? Somehow a little sparrow babe wanted to be besties with Nick, even.

PLUS Allison takes Apantomancy interpretation to the next level by merging the symbolism of 3 separate signs too address 1 very special follower's Ask via Tumblr. Which may or may not include a wee featured spotlight moment on numerology + what it means to find dimes everywhere!

So get ready & adjust your volume buttons accordingly for this EPIC JOURNEY into Apantomancy.


Honorable Mentions:

👉🏾 Mexico City's Coat of Arms ♥

👉🏾 "Animal Spirit Guides" by Steven D. Farmer ♥

👉🏾 Allison's Tumblr Post on Numerology ♥


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