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Through the Looking Glass 1 - Bibliomancy

Through the Looking Glass 1 - Bibliomancy

July 4, 2019

Join us for a special segment of the Spirit Unplugged Podcast - Through the Looking Glass! A segment where we will be providing a thorough profile of alternative methods / means of divination with surprising applications you may find useful in your own intuitive development & spiritual practices.

This week we test out a form of divination that uses an object which is kind of the glue that truly holds our current societies & cultures together - and that would be Bibliomancy or rather divination via books! We'll be discussing traditionally what Bibliomancy is, how to practice it, and the history surrounding this unique form of divination.

Included in this episode are some surprising historical applications of this technique PLUS answers to some of our Followers' questions through the art of Bibliomancy. Tune in if you want to hear Allison have a shocking revelation about Bibliomancy + witness examples of modern use of this divinatory practice.


Honorable Mentions:

👉🏾 "The Lottery of the Gaon of Vilna" ♥

👉🏾 Nick's Family Bible was originally sourced from the Canadian Bible Society ♥

👉🏾 Allison used "The Book of Answers" by Carol Bolt ♥


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