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#3a: Empaths - Being an Empath versus Being Empathetic + How to Determine if You are an Empath

#3a: Empaths - Being an Empath versus Being Empathetic + How to Determine if You are an Empath

August 26, 2019

Hello Spirit Nerds we are back & this time we are serving up our next series of numbered episodes featuring the topic of Empaths.

Why Empaths? Well in terms of the different types of Psychic / Paranormal Abilities floating around out there - the path of being an Empath seems to be the most relatable journey out of them all.

In this episode we discuss the importance of knowing what the terms "Empathy", "Sympathy" & "Compassion" mean. PLUS we break down the main differences between super-sensitive Empathetic people versus Empaths that have some kind of Spiritual / Paranormal / Psychic Ability.

There is (of course) no verifiable "online test" or method you can use to be 100% certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are a true Empath BUT we will guide you through specific experiences, actions & behaviours that may just shed a little light on your journey to self-identify as an Empath.

And YES, we totally acknowledge the fact that it may now be *somewhat* "the Cool Thing to Do" when identifying as an Empath... But really, we'll be delving more deeply into why we feel the whole "I'm an Empath too" thing has taken over the Internet in Spiritual & New Age circles.

And finally - Nick will be sharing some valuable insight about his journey as a low-key super-powered Empath (that chooses to fly under the radar & only apply those abilities to Mundane / Muggle life pursuits).

So buckle in folks & get ready to hear the in's & out's on all things "Empath".


Honorable Mentions:

👉🏾 “The Differences Between Highly Sensitive People and Empaths” by Dr. Judith Orloff

👉🏾 "10 Signs of Empathy” by Dr. Judith Orloff ♥


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