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Spirited Pop Culture 1 - Insidious Movie Review

Spirited Pop Culture 1 - Insidious Movie Review

August 12, 2019

Hello fellow Spirit Nerds (& Horror / Paranormal Movie Junkies)!

Welcome to our first ever super-special segment of "Spirited Pop Culture"; where a Professional Psychic Medium assesses the validity of Spiritual / Paranormal phenomena presented in popular forms of media (i.e. movies, t.v. shows, books & more).

Hang out with us as Allison analyzes the accuracy of the terrifying hauntings & otherworldly beings portrayed in the movie Insidious (2010). We have tried our best to remain spoiler-free, but listen at your own risk! 

We'll start out by discussing some of the production value, investment / international gross & critical acclaim / review of this film (referencing popular sites like Rotten Tomatoes & IMDB). Then we'll dive right into Allison's take on what realistically hit the mark in terms of Spiritual / Paranormal phenomena in this film... Like kids being all creepy & weird in the face of the "Unknown".

She'll also cover aspects of the film that were so unrealistic & hammed up to the Nth degree that it's almost laughable! For the record, dear listeners, Allison has never worn a gas-mask-like contraption when facilitating a Seance / Group Mediumship session, and Nick won't be showing up at your house demanding tribute via Hot Pockets.

Buckle-in for our exciting take on the movie Insidious (2010) + Nick's desperate pleas for Allison to watch the entire Insidious franchise.


Our Reviews:

Allison's Review based on realistic portrayal of Spiritual / Paranormal Phenomena  listen to 33:02 ♥ Rating: 👻👻👻 out of 5 Boos

Nick's Review based on Production & Personal Entertainment Value ♥ listen to 36:26 ♥ Rating: 🧔🧔🧔🧔🧔 out of 5 Beards


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