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Spirit Unplugged

#4c: Being Psychic

November 27, 2019

Here we are yet again Spirit Nerds with our 3rd (and final) segment of "15 Burning Questions Every Psychic *Should* Answer". And this time (let us tell you) Nick finally takes the gloves off.

We have somehow saved our juiciest and most *real* (aka totally embarrassing) questions for last, so you better buckle in for this one. Actually... just go ahead and pop the popcorn, put the bevvies on ice, and get those Scooby Snacks ready. 

Interested in hearing Nick pose a question that takes Allison aback? Want to know what it sounds like when Allison is trying to get ahold of her Introverted-Care-Bear-Embarassment? Well then this, surely, is the episode for you folks. Tune in to hear all about whether Allison is Psychic all the time, whether she defines herself to be spiritually "fluffy bunny" PLUS... S.E.X. Oh yea. We go there.

Finally you will get your first look at a Professional Psychic Medium in the wild as she tries to explain just how normal (and totally nerdy) she really is with some prime examples of book & t.v. genres that she binges in her non-Professional-Psychic-Medium hours. And probably she's doing all of that while chilling in her black-kitty-cat-onesie-pajamas.

Get ready to mop up some tea on aisle Spirit Unplugged Podcast while we get down to the good stuff ;)


15 Burning Questions Every Psychic *Should* Answer

by Nick Edens

  1. When did you know you were Psychic? What was it like on "Day One"?
  2. How did you tell your Partner / Spouse about your Psychic abilities?
  3. What is it like dealing with Family & Friends?
  4. How do you deal with Skeptics?
  5. How did you get into the Professional Psychic Industry?
  6. Were you scared of being newly Psychic? At any point did you consider whether the "Psychic Abilities" were a sign of mental illness?
  7. What challenges do you face on a daily basis?
  8. How do you get along with your Spirit Guides?
  9. What's it like interacting with other Psychics? Do you play well together?
  10. What's it like being Psychic in a romantic relationship?
  11. Are you "Psychic" all the time?
  12. As a Professional Psychic you must always be about all things "Love & Light", right?
  13. SEX? (yes, that's literally the question)
  14. What do Psychic Mediums do when no one is watching?
  15. Does being a Psychic affect you positively or negatively? Is there anything you don't like about being a Psychic?


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