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Paranormal Case Files 1 - The Amityville Hauntings

October 30, 2019

Hello again our loveliest Spirit Nerds! We're so excited to be presenting a 2nd brand-new episode for you guys this week ;)

As part of our very special *Halloween Double Feature* we are launching this super-cool BRAND NEW segment entitled "Paranormal Case Files"... Where Nick puts on his Honorary-Detective-Sherlock hat to decipher all the creepy, crawly in's & out's of infamous Paranormal Cases either popular in the media or based on TRUE STORIES. 

Meanwhile Allison, for the 1st time EVER, is donning her Professional-Psychic-Medium-Channelling-Mode hat to connect directly with Spirit and provide a full-on PSYCHIC MEDIUM READING to further flesh out the details of each case.

In this episode we take on one of the most famous cases ever really - the Amityville Hauntings! Which we happen to think is a great accompaniment to our last episode (Spirited Pop Culture 2 - The Amityville Horror (2005) Movie Review). Kind of like pairing cheese with wine, only much SPOOKIER ;)

Tune in to hear all the juicy details about the 1st inhabitants of 112 Ocean Avenue to report spooky-paranormal-happenings (the DeFeos). The grisly & tragic murders to take place in this family. PLUS the subsequent ghostly-drama to take place during the 2nd family's residency at the infamous Amityville abode (the Lutz'). We also tackle some key evidence debunking paranormal accounts presented in the media AND Nick's personal review of "The Amityville Horror" book by Jay Anson.

So get the Scooby Snacks ready fellow Spirit Nerds for our 2nd (and final) episode in our extra-special-spooktacular *Halloween Double Feature*!


Our Reviews:

Nick's Review of "The Amityville Horror" novel by Jay Anson - based on Personal Entertainment Value ♥ listen to 50:20 ♥ Rating: 🧔🧔🧔🧔 (4) out of 5 Beards


Honorable Mentions

👉🏾 New York Times Newspaper Article ♥ "Accused in Family's Murder, DeFeo Implicated in $19,000 Theft" by Steven R. Weismon ♥ Originally published on November 17th, 1974 ♥

👉🏾 The Evening Sun Newspaper Article ♥ "DeFeo Convicted in Murder of 6" by unknown ♥ Originally published on November 22nd, 1975 ♥

👉🏾 YouTube Video ♥ "amityville story A Night of Hell" (including an interview with DeFeo & news footage) ♥

👉🏾 YouTube Video ♥ "George Lutz Talks about families ordeal in the Amityville Horror" ♥

👉🏾 YouTube Video ♥ "Amityville Horror - Good Morning America" (George & Kathy Lutz' appearance on Good Morning America on July 26th, 1979) ♥


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