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Spirited Pop Culture 2 - The Amityville Horror (2005) Movie Review

October 30, 2019

Welcome back Spirit Nerds! We've missed you heaps ♥

We've departed from our regularly scheduled episodes for a few weeks due to Allison's Autumn 2019 traveling schedule (because y'know work is a thang). So now we're back & even more Nerdy / Spiritual / "All the things" than ever before! Because this week we got to record not just one episode for you guys BUT TWO... for our very special *Halloween Double Feature*.

In this episode we return to you with one of our most popular segments - "Spirited Pop Culture". Where we watch & review popular horror movies about all things Spooky, Scary, Haunting, Paranormal. We mostly do this so you don't have to (if you're anything like Allison then we're sure you downright refuse to) ;)

Listen in to hear us share our thoughts & Nerdy musings on the Amityville Horror film (the 2005 remake). Allison will be, as always, offering up her opinions on which of the paranormal events in this movie are realistic from the perspective of a Professional Psychic Medium. Nick will be, as always, serving up his special brand of sarcasm / comedic relief AND his super-important-hipster-beard-rating-system review of this film based on sheer entertainment value.

BONUS: Find out why Allison has strong feels about Ryan Reynolds starring in this film AND check out our utter confusion about the Conjuring series of films... because we originally thought at the time of recording this episode that the Amityville Horror film worked into the Conjuring Universe, but have since realized the error of our ways & we now know that the Conjuring Universe DOES NOT include the Amityville instalments. Who can keep up, really?!

Buckle in fellow Spirit Nerds for our 1st of 2 episodes in our extra-special-spooktacular *Halloween Double Feature*!

P.S. - We're now uploading all new episodes on Wednesday mornings ;)


Our Reviews:

Allison's Review based on realistic portrayal of Spiritual / Paranormal Phenomena  listen to 44:23 ♥ Rating: 👻 (1) out of 5 Boos

Nick's Review based on Production & Personal Entertainment Value ♥ listen to 47:00 ♥ Rating: 🧔🧔 (2) out of 5 Beards


Honorable Mentions

👉🏾 The Amityville Horror (2005) Rotten Tomatoes Rating ♥

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